Brother Tony White Building


The Brother Tony White Building Year 7 Learning Centre is a project that was initiated by the BER stimulus package; however, during the course of the brief development the project expanded to accommodate a proposed change to the Year 7 curriculum.  The site was occupied by a 3 storey 1970's purpose built building; the school having outgrown this facility nominated the building for demolition and the site for redevelopment.  The new building re-instates the existing facilities such as the book hire, terrace shop and general learning and provides accommodation for additional general learning areas, specialised music facilities, reading rooms, amenities and gymnasium.

The site addresses the Victoria Street frontage and is flanked on its northern and western boundaries by two independent buildings with disassociated finished floor levels.  To add to existing site complexities a proposed development is earmarked for the car park site to the east of the building.  Such site complexities informed the brief requirements, and in turn defined the planning strategy for the building.  The concept for the new building identified the need for it to act as a transition between the existing, new and proposed buildings on site.

A circulation spine and cascading stair core align the northern boundary enabling vertical connectivity to occur between the existing Science + Music Building and the Campbell Centre.  The design solution required addressing fire engineering complexities; controlling natural light; and considerable service integration for smart media interface.