Christ the King Hall


Christ the King Hall is a BER initiated 300 seat multipurpose hall.  As a facility it provides a  formal gathering space/performance space large enough to accomodate the entire school or alternatively is capable of being used for individual class teaching spaces.  The school has a  strong dance/music program, hence influencing the design brief and the prerequisite for the facility to be capable of operating with several different functions simultaneously.

The majority of the school campus is not visible from the street, which provided an opportunity for the project to provide the school with a new public address. Fronting Thompson Road the multipurpose hall proposes a form which creates an entry statement while respectfully addressing the adjacent parish church.  Between the two buildings runs a central circulation spine.  Due to the proximity of the new facility to the church, there was a necessity to provide visual and acoustic separation between the two buildings.   

The building as a whole is contained within one clean form; secondary spaces are scaled down to sit as ‘boxes’ within the main frame. The boxes penetrate the building skin acting as both an external object and providing divisible functions within the hall.  The notion of separation yet inclusion is detailed using a strong graphic element which acts as a screened covered walkway, creating a link between the street and the main body of the campus whilst also separating the body of the hall from the church adjacent.